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Send or receive credits

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Send or receive

You can send or receive credits to customers or vendors all with customizable receipts.


Tokenize your customers credit card information to easily set up a recurring billing schedule for however long you'd like.

Customizable Reporting

We enable merchants to add any additional fields which they would like to have reflected in their reporting. Reporting could be viewed upon logging in or have scheduled reports to be sent via email.


USB magnetic stripe swipe card reader, ready for secure payments and digital transactions. Just under 4 inches, Dynamag saves space on the countertop or in your custom build and still provides a long swipe path. Compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac

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Dynamag Card Reader


What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal is an online terminal that can help you send or receive funds by keying in the account information.

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How do I setup a virtual terminal?

Making a virtual terminal is very simple and takes no technical skills, we also have a support team to help you with your setup.

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Can I process both credit card and ACH?

Yes you can! Contact sales in order to get started.

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Why would I use a virtual terminal?

Using a virtual terminal makes it easy for you to accept payments remotely including taking payments over the phone.

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