New Text-to-Donate!

SMS text messaging, the perfect fit

Charitable donations in America reached a record-breaking $471 billion in 2020, with an average donation size of $107 from donors using text as the method. It should not be a surprise because 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, and the ease of use doubles the giving rate on mobile devices.

Frictionless, 1-step giving

No list or payment methods on file, no problem! A first- time donor is sent to enroll with you and make their first donation. Their donation method is securely saved for future 1-step giving.


This is just a sample of the solutions we offer for faster ways to accept and make payments; including, ACH, RDC, RTP, card present and card not present solutions!

Virtual Terminal

Payments in office and over the phone


Connect to point-of-sale systems

Online Forms

Build and post an online form in minutes


Invoicing made easy with A/R imports and API integration


Request and send payments via email


App and Text Payments


Credit card terminals


Connect your shopping cart


For developers

A universe of payment options:

Card Present and Card Not Present

An extensive list of terminal and POS options (for card present), and a full spectrum of card not present solutions to fit businesses of any size

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

We support one-time or recurring transactions for sending or accepting these cost-effective payments- including same-day ACH


Our platform's handling of deposits and returns is unparalleled. All processes are coordinated for seamless reporting in a single system


Text to donate is as easy as posting and promoting a toll-free number that donors can text to donate at any given time

Payment Options

Whether you accept payments in a retail store, out in the field or from your website, we have solutions to fit your business. We offer you emerging & traditional payment options and get you paid faster.

Secure & Compliant

Our platform includes PCI Level 1 certification and successful Service Organization Control audits to demonstrate our commitment to data security

Flexible Pricing

We offer transparent pricing or flexibility on alternate pricing models


Ask about our extensive list of equipment options

Point-of-Sale (POS)
Vital Select
   Smart Terminals
Smart POS