Get the point-of-sale capabilities you need in a smart and stylish register


The Aries8 is a next generation multi-functional tablet that serves a multitude of use cases such SmartPOI (Point-of-Interaction) payment, SmartPOS (Point-of-Sale) operations, and/or for mobile in-store applications such as POS line busting and product ordering.



Pax A80

Item Modifiers

Make order modifications quick and automatic to save time and ring up customized orders faster

Item Level Tax Rates

Easily assign different tax rates to individual items to collect exactly the right tax on every transaction.



Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are available easily customize your setup with USB-connected peripherals. Send email or SMS text receipts instantly.

Cash Drawers

Quickly accept every type of payment, including cash. This automatic cash drawer holds five bill denominations and eight coin slots.

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