Donations Platform

Accept contributions and payments online, over the phone, or in person with no monthly fees! Additional options also include remote check depositing and text-to-donate.

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Online Donations

Our hosted donation pages are secure, carry your branding, and are free of monthly fees.

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Virtual Solutions

Now more than ever being able to process payments remotely is essential for most nonprofit organizations.


Manage multiple causes, events, or fundraisers at the same time.

  • Launch campaigns in minutes
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Easy to promote widely
  • Apply online for text and virtual giving
  • Branding control per campaign

Optional Add-ons

ACH, Remote Check Depositing, Text-to-Donate, and in Person Terminal

Making Payments


Offer your donors the ability to submit one time or recurring donations via e-check. Also gain access to send out credits via the virtual solutions.


It's as easy as posting and promoting a toll-free number that donors can text to donate 24/7/365



We provide a toll-free number(s)


You promote the toll-free number(s)


A donor texts an amount to that number


A reply confirms the amount


They type Yes to donate - that's it!

Manage your cost with a click of your mouse by turning options on or off as needed.


  • Send or receive
  • One time or recurring payments
  • 0.50% + 30¢ per ACH donation
  • Customizable reporting

Remote Check Depositing



  • 1000 Monthly texts included
  • $0.025 Per text overage fee
  • Set up additional numbers
  • Same card rates


What is text-to-donate?

You are provided a toll-free number which anyone can text the amount they wish to donate to your organzation.

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What is my donation page?

You are provided a link to your own branded donation page where anyone can enter the amount they would like to donate to your organization.

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What are campaigns?

Campaigns help nonprofit organizations manage multiple causes, events, or fundraisers at the same time. Customizable options are included on the donations page and advanced reporting.

Can I accept donations in person?

You can also accept donations in person with our terminals and through checks.

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