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Manage All of Your Locations

Using our check scanning solution, you can add as many stores as you'd like and manage the users that have access for each of these locations. Set up is quick, easy, and affordable.

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Remotely scan your check deposits

Scan one or one hundred checks at a time to be deposited directly to your bank account. Receive access to real time reporting including: check returns, exceptions, and funding dates.


As the account manager, you have the ability to view reporting for each of your locations.


Each different location can scan their own checks if they have their own scanner on hand.


You have the ability to control what type of access users have as well as utilizing other payment solutions.


Can each location scan their checks?

Yes! Each location can scan their own checks. You also have the option to scan them in one location.

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Can I process credit card and ACH as well?

Yes, merchants can process checks, credit card, and ACH simultaniously.

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Can I view reporting for all my locations?

Yes you can!

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Can I restrict users access?

Yes, you can control what users see and what they have access to.

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