Become an ISO

Fastest, leading payment technology platform at your service!

paycosmos positions your sales organization to become an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), providing merchants with innovative payment technology for credit card acceptance, ACH and check deposit, all in one platform. In minutes, you can brand this feature-rich, compliance driven platform and access the advantages of a highly automated solution.
The platform will enable you to rapidly deploy merchant payment solutions without the cost and risk of building and maintaining complex technical infrastructures.

Instant Merchant Settlement

Be at the forefront of the instant payment and merchant settlement revolution. Becoming a paycosmos ISO enables you to provide Instant Merchant Settlement to your customers.

Our enrollment and boarding process utilizes a pending patent to instantly authenticate ownership of a debit card (connected to the merchant bank account) so that the secure delivery of service can be initiated.

Solutions overview

Once your branded platform is set up, you can offer your merchants fully integrated solutions for credit card, ACH (including same-day debits and credits), Real-Time Payments, and check deposits. This is just a sample of solutions we offer for faster ways to accept and make payments.
Virtual Terminal

Payments in office and over the phone


Connect to point-of-sale systems

Online Forms

Build and post an online form in minutes


Invoicing made easy with A/R imports and API integration


Request and send payments via email


App and Text Payments


Credit card terminals


Connect your shopping cart


For developers